Strategic thinking – the market we operate in

Last autumn we started to work on our strategy and we spend more than 2 weeks gathering business information from the industry and estimating the market we operate in.

After heavy fights and very long nights in Ficusului Blvd. with Gabi and Magda, I tried to convince them that it’s not impossible to obtain the right figures in a stable market like Romania. Of course, everything was based on open source information and on our skills and understanding of the local market.

This is how we prepared a SWOT analysis focused on top 10 online advertising companies operating in Romania (market share and revenue share).

Tonight I checked again this document and I saw it was last saved on 27th of October 2008 – in the beginning:

Sheet 1 – 1. The market we operate in

Market size 2008 (€ MM):    20,0

Our key competitors: […]

I know this is funny for Magda and Gabi but after 7 months, IAB & PWC prepare to publish their official report regarding the online advertising market in 2008. Their figure: 20 € MM.

Having this information 7 months ago was priceless. Many of our partners estimated 12 or 15 € MM and we like to believe that we helped them in order to better understand the local online advertising market.