Gov 2.0 SUMMIT

If you liked my previous post regarding e-Democracy and e-Government in Estonia, here is a very interesting event starting tomorrow in the United States:

Government as a Platform‘ is the theme and clarion call of Gov 2.0 Summit and Gov 2.0 Expo Showcase in 2009—the disruptive innovations in technology and process that will foster new levels of transparency, efficiency and participation in government today.

Tim O’Reilly has responded to the question “What is Gov 2.0?“. We want to know what YOU have to say about it.

We encourage you to record a short video response (30 seconds max), answering the question “What does Gov 2.0 mean to you?”. From the responses, we’re creating a collective of videos that we’ll feature on this page, onsite during Gov 2.0 Summit (September 9-10), via the Gov 2.0 Events Facebook page, on GovLoop, and via Twitter.

Details on the official website –