Romanian internet market – BRAT/SATI involved in a new scandal

GSP/Gazeta Sporturilor: Catalin Tolontan wrote about transparency regarding internet advertising in Romania. The article accused the competition of malpractice and had a political message concerning SATI members and media agencies.

  • Catalin Tolontan is General Manager at Convergent Media, the publisher of Gazeta Sporturilor and one of the stakeholders of Gazeta Online, the publisher of, one of the most visited websites in Romania. Tolontan is also one of the most influential journalists in Romania and a well-known media analyst.

MediaPro Interactiv: Orlando Nicoara responded with a detailed post on his blog. He explained how SATI works, he explained how the Internet works and accused Tolontan of not understanding the market and  being misinformed by his employees, Augustin Roman and Sorin Danilescu.

  • Orlando Nicoara is General Manager at MediaPro Interactiv and owner of Orlando Interactive. He is considered to be one of the most influential managers in the market as he used to manage Netbridge Investments in Romania but also one of the pioneers of the local Internet advertising.

AdEvolution: Val Voicu was second to respond to the malpractice accusations. He stated that traditional media represented by Tolontan is facing a sudden death and that they try to impose an old mentality and a model that is not self-sustainable and not applicable anywhere in the world. Regarding the emotional part of the answer, he accused Tolontan of being involved in operations with secret services and that his journalism is not ethical. Continue reading “Romanian internet market – BRAT/SATI involved in a new scandal”