ARBOinteractive launches Behavia in Romania

ARBOinteractive just launched Behavia in Romania and I’ve promised Calin Rotarus to write a few words about the product.

As we speak Behavia is also the first and only ad-network in Poland (and one of the few in Europe), which offers behaviorally targeted campaigns. In Poland, the network reaches 12 million users on more than 650 websites (,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and many more).

In Romania, they reach 8.2 million unique users every month with more than 151.000.000 page views.

The technical platform for Behavia is supplied by the German-based company The system using Predictive Behavioral Targeting broadcasts an advertisement only to a group of users, who meet defined requirements (download profiles below). Such solution allows to provide user with advertisement that fits his needs, what makes it more interesting for him.

The project manager for Behavia in Romania is Marius Sutu and you can find below a study case for Dacia Duster and FashionDays:

  1. Download – Study Case (RO) – DACIA Duster & Fashion Days – Behavia;
  2. Download Behavia Profiles – 17 predefined targeting profiles (interesting to read, great profiles);
  3. Download Behavia – General Presentation.

Congratulations to Marcin Wozniak, Calin Rotarus and Marius Sutu for launching Behavia in .RO!