Wine shopping… and drinking

During this week-end I tried to forget all about work (although all my partners are starting to use more and more of my good spirit) and inspired by my friend Cezar, I went shopping for a good wine. Because I’m closed to the industry (after organizing Festivinum & stuff) most of the time I spend my money on the Romanian wines.

Because last week we finalized a partnership with Cramele Halewood on, I felt the need to taste a Prahova Valley so I bought a Merlot. I must say that it went very good with my dinner and evening. As we speak, also waiting for me is Pinot Noir but this time from Cramele Recas – as a fact we are trying to convince the management from Cramele Recas to open a blog on

So, drink more wine – it’s good for your live stats 🙂