Why wake up at 4:00 am?

Some guy (business competitor) woke me up this morning because somebody had “the same address like I do” and because he received some kind of e-mail.

Moments like this make me happy I have all the anonymous proxy server and anonymizing software installed.

When the guy said he’s been tracking me since 2005 🙂 he really made my day – I use some fake IPs, but ones that are most popular in Romania so It’s like other thousand users living under the same roof.

Why use an IP changing software/proxy server and anonymizing software?
– In order to stay up-to-date with the targeted campaigns on the local ad servers. For example, ARBOmedia has some campaigns for the agencies.
– to check out if a campaign is targeted in another city or for the users outside Romania (for example, this blog is promoted on all our website but the ad is available only for the non-Romanian ips)
– to test online software
– to hide your real ip 😉
– to make your friends (who track you since 2005) belive that you’re always online 🙂

Guys, now that you know that there is anonymizing software maybe is high time to start tapping my phone calls – the chance to find out more about me are quite high as I have 4 phone numbers (only 2 are cdma secure connections).

And BTW, since your company is independent and non-governmental maybe you should know that the act of tracking my phone calls, e-mails, ips, keyboard, bank account, love life, might be (although I’m not sure) illegal.

This special message is for Cristian, Dragos & Ana (they still use their real IP addresses) – You still have my respect and I know It is very hard to have competitors on this market. In case I didn’t mentioned, we try to be the best 😉 – please don’t call me anymore at 4:00 a.m. unless you want to take me out for a drink 🙂