Why do you read my blog?

Since I have 300 readers subscribed to my rss feed (today) it’s for the first time I try to figure it out why people read my blog (I always try to stay out of fights and trivial content so my writing is probably very boring).

One possible explanation: the information I provided for my readers on 27th of August appeared in mainstream media on the 22nd of October and started several debates on Romanian blogs after almost 2 months.

They say that “business intelligence” is a term “that dates at least to 1958” but I don’t think they had decision support systems back then…

4 Replies to “Why do you read my blog?”

  1. Bogdan,

    I read your blog because you’re a friend of mine and because you write interesting stuff related to the industry we both work in.

    I also like the fact that you’re writing in English, making this information available at global level.

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