Who is Cezar Ioan?

First time we met I thought he was just a journalist who seen it all in his life. He thought I was a guy in a bubble, in a totally different world 🙂
At that time (2005) I was managing Festivinum (the national wines’ festival) and he was one of the guys writing about wines on monthly basis in ZIUA and in Connaisseur (print).

Cezar was born in Buzau and studied in Bucharest – since 1994 he worked for Mediafax, Ziua, Ziarul de Cluj and GSP. As he had a passion for wines, he was the editor of the first monthly publication about wines (2002-2005) and at ZIUA he managed the weekly bonus magazines. In 2005 he was a member of the jury at the Concorso Enologico Internazionale, Verona (Italy) and as we speak he is a founder of the only Wine Press Club in Romania. In the last year he had to fly all over the world to taste all the good wines and fine foods (cool job :)).

He is also famous because he is the first to bring in Bucharest the “Plescoi” sausages (unique in Romania) and started the movement called “The Plescoi Revolution” similar to the slow food protests. Last year, he sat with his friends in front of McDonalds and ate traditional food.

Cezar is also an incredible guy as he is a fast learner and very open-minded. He was the first publisher in Romania to close the printed edition of magazine and move it on the Internet. One year ago we started to work together on vinul.ro and since then the website became the no.1 resource for the wine lovers and for the people working in the industry.

In May 2006 he started to write his first blog and the reason I wrote this post is because today two important things happened: Cezar was included in the Who’s who Encyclopedia of the famous Romanians (printed edition) and Bradut Ulmanu awarded him with the “Blog of the month” special prize.

This is a nice way to start the new year and as I already know, Cezar has big plans for 2007. I’m sure that I’ll be one of his readers

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  1. Bogdane, multumesc frumos. Te-ai documentat ceva, zau… ma si gandeam ca ai scris aici despre mine mai multe decat as fi tinut minte sa scriu eu 😀

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