The 2006 Romanian PR Awards

The event took place a few days ago. A big surprise was in the wine industry where the Golden Award for Excellence was awarded to Gheorghe Moisescu for the “Davino” Wines – the “Ultimate-High-End” campaign. Few people know that Moisescu is a freelancer and the campaign was very cost effective. The Silver Award went to NEXTCAP and their PR for the “Murfatlar” wines.

One year ago, Moisescu was at a meeting with all the marketing managers from the wine industry. I was also there because the meeting was about an event I was directing. At some time, Moisescu invited all the managers to do some serious PR campaigns for their companies in order to increase the market. All the managers ignored him (and you could see it on their faces – because they had the big agencies working for them) except Dan Balaban – the “Davino” owner – you can see now who’s laughing 😉

The jury: Tony Meeahan,Thomas Achelis, Adriana Saftoiu, Dumitru Bortun, Gilda Lazar, Lidia Solomon, Mircea Vasilescu, Nelly Benova, Adrian Vasilescu, Cristina Guseth, Anca Harasim, Calin Sabac.


PS: Cezar also talks about the PR factor here and here…

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