New Year’s resolutions, plans and visitors

Me, the NGO activist:
– to promote democracy and its values;
– to promote e-democracy in Romania and Eastern Europe;
– to support more youth projects;

Me, the entrepreneur:
– to shape a new jobbing website (we had a fusion in 2007) and approach the market from a new angle;
– to invest more know-how in our online brands;
– to have a top lifestyle magazine for students by the end of 2008 (acquisition from 2007);
– to focus and invest more on research;
– to invest in a new start-up covering a very interesting niche (not saying more);
– to finance smart small start-ups initiated by students with NGO/entrepreneurial background;
– to integrate PR/HR/Internet/NGO know-how and shape up all our projects;

Me, the average joe:
– to spend more quality time with my friends/partners/associates and figure out how to rule the world πŸ™‚ ;
– to clean/set up my mail client with a furious spam filter (my 20+ accounts provide me daily tons of spam and I’m frustrated that sometimes I miss important mails);
– to focus more on personal development (NLP master/reading thoughts/etc πŸ™‚ ), deadlines, time management, invoices, payments (every cent is important and the pay-per-click system helped me to acknowledge this :))
– to make it to all the weddings πŸ™‚ ;
– to taste 1.000+ wines;
– to begin writing a book.

In 2008 my blog will focus more on the Romanian Internet Advertising Market and only few “extracurricular” πŸ™‚important issues will be pointed out at the right time.

I’ll write more about Boom (2008 will be their year), AdEvolution (and their decline), ARBOmedia (and their repositioning), Google (Radu Tudorache still not receiving my e-mails :)), Neogen, MPI, Yahoo, HI5 and so on…

Extra cookie – My Top 20 Readers in 2007 (by Google Analytics):
1. Netbridge Investments SRL (they have the biggest online team in Romania);
2. MEDIAFAX (I had some friends over there);
3. SFOS – Soros Open Society Foundation (maybe someone appreciates me for my NGO campaigns);
4. Mobifon S.A. (some friends over there too);
5. Publimedia S.A. (they started to read blogs);
6. Ziua Daily Newspaper (friends);
7. Active Soft SRL (incredible reading pattern – every 2 days πŸ™‚ );
8. Raiffeisen Bank Romania S.A. (guys, maybe you plan a campaign on our network – ask boom for the rate-card);
9. Google Inc. (I guess you read blogs but you don’t answer e-mails πŸ™‚ );
10. Renault (because I’m a Ferrari fan πŸ™‚ );
11. Realitatea Media s.a. (cool guys over there, we had a great partnership in 2007);
12. Leo Burnett & Target SRL (all your base… πŸ™‚ );
13. Neogen S.A. (a great idea is to have Blogaria 2008 in Moldova);
14. Ogilvy & Mather Advertising (a had no drinking buddy from this agency so I don’t really know who reads my blog over there);
15. Media Pro International S.A – ProTV (the sad thing is that I don’t have a TV but I know some fun guys in the building);
16. bv mccann advertising SRL (someone still has to treat me with a drink πŸ˜‰ );
17. Microsoft corp. (do you plan something in Romania in 2008?);
18. Serviciul de Telecomunicatii Speciale (the emergency 112 operators are sometimes bored and read about the Internet advertising market πŸ™‚ );
19. Lowe & Partners S.A. (smart guys);
20. ChinaNet (I plan to become a superstar in China in the next 30-50 years πŸ™‚ ).

Overall maybe there were too many readers (8,307 companies in 142 countries: Romania, United States, China, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, Italy and Spain are in top10) and this is why I plan to lower this number in 2008 since I aim to keep a very targeted blog (I hope my 5,592 readers in China won’t miss me too much).

Thank you for reading my blog in 2007 and it was fun doing business together πŸ˜‰
Have a fabulous year!

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