New challenges in INTACT Media Group

First time I joined the business in INTACT Media Group was on the 1st of May 2008. In July 2008, I already started setting up a new sales house and on the 1st of October INTACT Interactive held its first meeting. In November 2008 we had the first website in the portfolio and the first campaign. In February, together with Ocean Strategy and Gazeta Online, we started to shape a group strategy for the next two years.

Right now, INTACT Interactive is one of the top players in online advertising in Romania (representing over 130 websites), thanks to Magdalena Zander, Gabriel Boaca, Maria Cocris, Sorin Cristea and a great team of Internet enthusiasts working 24/7. On monday, Sorin Danilescu will join the team and will replace me as General Manager of Intact Interactive.

My new position in INTACT Media Group is Senior Advisor concerned with new media. In the next months I’ll focus on new business opportunities while supporting the companies and online products of the media group.

There are new challenges ahead and I’m happy to see more and more people involved and supporting new media cutting edge technologies in the group.

9 Replies to “New challenges in INTACT Media Group”

  1. Bogdanele, esti taticul lor! Felicitari si multa bafta in continuare mai ales ca acum ai devenit “senior” 😉

  2. Cine vine in locul sau la Gazeta Sporturilor? Augustin Roman sau aduceti pe cineva din alta parte?

    Am niste prieteni si niste cv-uri 🙂

    PS: multa bafta cu noile challengiuri!!!:):):)

  3. Felicitari pentru noua pozitie! Cu ce te vei ocupa pe mai departe, mai exact?

    Mult succes in continuare!

  4. succes la bani in continuare si iti multumim pentru tot ce ai facut pentru noi.
    sa ni-l prezinti si noua pe Sorin, am auzit numai de bine despre el.

  5. @cristina, mihai – thks!

    @m – cu siguranta va veni cineva la fel de talentat si in locul lui Sorin. Daca simti chemarea, trimite CV-ul!

    @Florin – ultima data am fost felicitat un amic pentru ca i-am spus sa faca “downgrade” de la Vista la XP. Pe ciza asta, e bine ca nu m-au dat afara 🙂

    @Vlad Stan – Vlad, mai am de mutat niste munti in noul mandat insa antreprenoriatul e in sange – Intact Interactive a fost un start-up “crescut” pana la varsta de 1 an 🙂

    @Mihaitza – the usual stuff, chestii corporatiste, parteneriate strategice, dat sfaturi, idei, implementat noi modele de business online la nivel de grup (asemeni Intact Interactive).

    @Alex – mersi, mtg de sapt. viitoare 😉

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