I’m not doing political campaigns anymore… sorry guys :)

It’s not a secret for anyone (anymore 🙂 ) that a few years ago I was one of the leaders of the Romanian Student’s movement. I organized student strikes, I created all kind of student propaganda and made the first viral campaigns in Romania (maybe all of these will be one day available on my blog).

In 2004, I was one of the guys working on the “digital guerrilla” and planning the viral seeding of hot topics on the web. The Internet and the mobile technology made the difference in 2004 and indeed, I was “in the center of the storm”. All my theories and online plans turned out to score very good results but I decided to focus on other things.

Since then, I only supported independent NGO campaigns although I still have friends in many Romanian political parties (once student leaders, this year candidates for the parliament).

The announcement I have to make: I’m not doing political campaigns anymore, nor do I offer consultancy regarding digital technologies to politicians (this also means: no copywriting, no slogans, no special effects and no special projects on the Internet). My presence at Politica 2.0 (the event) was a coincidence and the fact that I used to master “digital guerilla” skills has nothing to do with my current position (job).

PS: as a professional, I always delivered all the points in the brief and I always will.

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  1. Not really 🙂 but some people started speculating and spreading rumors because they saw me talking with some of the guests at Politica 2.0. People need to chill in Romania (at least the hyperconnected ones) 🙂

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