How superman should have ended…

This is the great thing about the Internet – you can make fun of the superheroes:

My last days were not so much fun: I caught a cold, some Russian hackers attacked one of our servers and I’ve discovered that I don’t have a decent chair in the new headquarters (someone also forgot to set up my desk so I wonder what’s next).
I’m not so pleased anymore with my new laptop (I need to treat myself with a new one), I’m not pleased with the traffic on our websites, I’m not pleased with the numbers I saw last week and finally I’m scared because I can only surf the web on my Firefox and my YM is shy to connect to the server.
Meanwhile, I’m preparing a study about the bloggers and their actions in the last political campaign for my MA class and in a few minutes I’ll be speaking with Bobby on his radio show (hope to make it in time 🙂 )