Bloggers, TV, plans, web, busy

Saturday – Cezar cooked a delicious dinner and I could compare France vs. Italy in two bottles: Chateau Bonnet Reserve, 2003 – Cabernet Sauvignon and a of Excelsus, Castelo Banfi, 2000 – Cabernet Sauvignon;

Sunday morning – Coffee at Starbucks;

Sunday at noon – in the park with the kids & making new friends; insights for new online projects; playing with the new “consumers” and “visitors” 🙂

Sunday night – Blog & Roll in Coyote Club. If was quite a party with the bloggers in Bucharest (a fun group) and thanks to Magda I got home quite early. Piticu was on the roll (I know the feeling 🙂 ), Nihasa promoted Netcamp (btw, here is the new Audi viral clip) and I dicovered Vlad Stan to be awine lover. Congratulations to Corina and Ionut (the karaoke winners).

Monday morning – e-mail, breakfast, phones, haircut, more e-mails, design changes, updates, monitoring, keyword analysis, blogs;

In the evening – invited in a TV Show on Euforia TV, talking about corporate ethical behaviour (after a scandal involving a local bank). After the show, a salad and more e-mails.

Today – rain, morning meetings, exploit fixing & spam fighting, fighting with the office router, e-mails, hot tea, afternoon meetings, phone calls, LinkedIn, traffic, dinner meetings and plans for 2008. The night is still young 🙂