5 secrets about me

This is the new Russian roulette on the blogoshpere. From Cristian Mezei to Dragos DeheleanMarius Balaci – Sorin Tudor and now it’s my turn…

First of all, you must know that I don’t have secrets but here are some things about me that you probably don’t find online:

1. I ran away from home after high school and I’ve studied philosophy in Iassy for a full year. That year I was hungry, I was alone, I made friends and I was happy for every meal and for every feeling. After finding out my “powers” and proving myself that I can make it own, I quit college, went to Bucharest and started a brand new life.

2. I was the mastermind behind the student strike in 2004.


It was before the elections and we managed to send some signals (It was my first major PR campaign). Our route was also passing the mayor’s office (the actual president Traian Basescu) and I recall him staying on the balcony in order to salute the strikers. At that time, I also created some of the underground political sketches that filled the net.


3. I love to collect miniature cars. Right now, next to my laptop I have a Ferrari F50, a Murcielago, some Porsches a G-Class and a Pontiac. When I was younger, my collection had over 200 miniature cars. My favorites are made by Burago.


4. All the good stuff that happened in my life till now was “caused” by being in the right place and meeting the right people at the right time. No school can teach you the things I had the chance to learn from the people I met in the last 5 years.


5. Close to death – I once saved a man from drowning but everything was so “on the edge”. As I was pulling him, a few meters from the shore, I had doubts that I would make it. Indeed I saw my entire life scrolling in front of my eyes. I was shocked for a week and probably it was the most profound and extreme experience in my life.

I shall pass the course to Dan Petre, Doru Panaitescu, Ionut Bratu, Catalin Paduraru and Zsolt Nagy (maybe he has something to say about the espionage scandal he’s involved in 🙂 )