469 EUR for a new laptop

My laptop works just fine 🙂 – I just needed a new a new computer for heavy use (mainly Internet and light office) so I decided to buy the most affordable machine on the market. Since a desktop was not the best choice, I thought of a laptop so this is what I got for 469 EUR (very good value for this money):

HP 500 Celeron-M 350
Intel Celeron-M 350, 1,3 Ghz, 14.1 WXGA Display, 256MB DDR RAM, 40GB HDD,DVD/CD-RW, 56K Modem, 4-Cell LiIon Batt – only 2.26 Kg.

I must say I’m quite happy with the design and performance – this computer is great for Internet browsing and docked office work (I’m still amazed to find out that the local governmental institutions still buy 2.000 EUR laptops for Solitaire and FreeCell use).