Yesterday: TVR, Radio Romania, HotNews party

I had a full day yesterday meeting interesting people all over the town 🙂
The intervention on Radio Romania was about the perfect day at work and how to get a raise from your boss (I was surprised again to find out how many people still listen to this radio station).

In the afternoon, together with some friends from local NGOs (VIP, GIPIR-Imagine Romania), we went on a show (TVR – national television) talking about country branding. My guess is that we’ll see several campaigns in Spain/Italy in the near future and also a summer school on the matter. Meanwhile the guys from GIPIR are headed to Turkey for a special project (European Parliament Simulation).

In the evening there was another special dinner with some of the key players of the online Industry (we should plan a big reunion after Easter 🙂 ) and at the end we went to a great party hosted by HotNews (met Margarit, Calin Rotarus, Tavi, Dan and the rest of ARBOmedia, Ioana from Propaganda and Cosmina aka Razvan 😉 ).