On the road again – Tulcea

Today I’m meeting the candidates for the European Parliament in Tulcea.
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Tulcea – City Highlights

Tulcea The city of Tulcea, laid out on seven hills like Rome, has been an important harbor since ancient times. Founded in the 7th century BC by the Dacians, Aegyssus, as the city was known in antiquity, was conquered by the Romans who rebuilt it after their plans, their technique and architectural vision. Aegussyus was first mentioned in the documents of Diodorus of Sicily (3rd century BC) and later, in the works of the Latin poet, Ovid, who referred to it in Ex Ponto, attesting that the name traces its origin back to its founder, a Dacian named Carpyus Aegyssus.

The town was successively under Byzantine (5th – 7th century), Genoese (10th – 13th century) and Ottoman rule before finally being reunited with Romania in 1878.