Nestl̩: Consumer marketing today РBusiness simulation

This weekend I was busy recovering from my malicious cold and getting down to a very interesting business simulation.

It all started this autumn when Dan Petre invited me to attend a 3 day business simulation developed by Business Today (UK) and implemented in Romania by Interact.

CONSUMER MARKETING TODAY as a simulation was designed for management staff and focused on the different aspects of consumer marketing and how they impact on the business as a whole. The simulation dealt with issues such as supply chain management, branding, seeking potential growth areas, product positioning and marketing.

Since Nestlé powered the simulation (not only with tons of Lion & Kit Kat), our task was to manage a growing FMCG company. We had lots of things to learn, we had fun and I sent a positive feed-back because I think that this type of business simulation is a great idea.

My special thanks goes to Paul Nuber (Nestlé), Afrodita Blasius (Bridge Communication), Dan Petre (D&D Research) and Stefan Palarie (Interact). I appreciate their attitude, volunteering and their efforts for returning something to the community.

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