IAA Young Professionals – the party

It was yesterday in Pin Up Café and I was thrilled to see so many good friends from the industry having fun and also to meet my favorite seniors.

Nicoleta Deliu (GMP PR/IAA YP president) managed to delight the audience with a fun presentation (yes, we want young professionals to join IAA) and I have to confess that I’m eager to read her new presidential blog (on the new IAA YP website πŸ˜‰ ).

Victor Dobre (IAA Romania Executive) was in a great spirit and shared with us some incredible experiences from the beginnings of the Romanian media and advertising Industry. He also gave us some great news regarding the new wave of exhibitions happening in the IAA House (using this space for exhibitions, workshops and events all year long is a great idea).

Dan Petre (IAA senior/the spiritual leader of IAA YP) was there to support our social movement and had a great motivational speech for our new colleagues (the famous “whatÒ€ℒs in it for me” line is always catchy – he was the man who convinced me to apply for the IAA YP membership one year ago). I also discovered that almost every person at the party was reading Dan’s “return to the com(m)unity” blog and we all know who was his no.1 reader πŸ™‚ – proof here.

Alin Zainescu (Internet entrepreneur and millionaire) was another pleasant surprise for the evening and told me that he is going to invest in some new online projects so I was very happy that he was back in business πŸ™‚ – Alin is the only person I know to have a membership/account in every social networking website available in this world (he’s already in every network I join, it’s a rule πŸ™‚ ) and yesterday told us about his next meeting with Regina Spektor via social media.

The online industry was also there to do some offline socialising – Laurentiu Pop (Managing Director Httpool Romania) teamed with Tavi (ARBOinteractive) in order to convince him to join us in the next karting race πŸ™‚ , Iuliana Stere (New Media Manager Initiative) promised me that she would stop smoking (another hit for tobacco industry πŸ™‚ ) and Doru Panaitescu (digital marketing pioneer) was tweetering and testing his new Panasonic DSLR camera – I can’t wait to see the pictures :).

Mihai Nasaudean and Nihasa were again fun conversation (we really need 2 more bloggers to join IAA YP πŸ™‚ ), Mihnea was testing his PR skills, Ana was telling us about Saatchi and about the IAA School and over all everybody seemed to have a very good time.

I’m sorry I can’t link to every person I met last night but I promise I’ll keep following their blogs πŸ™‚ – last but not least, special thanks to URSUS and Sab Miller for igniting the atmosphere and congratulations to all the girls at IAA YP for throwing a beautiful party.


LATER EDIT: Ramona is kindly asked to update her blog asap (otherwise people will think she really quit WEBSTYLER and moved to Cuba) πŸ™‚

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  1. Thanks, that’s because you were a pleasant host! I’m looking forward to attend at YP’s meetings also, not just the parties.

    That’s to bad that I didn’t recognize Mr. Zainescu. Oh well, he didn’t recall the Neogen brand neither πŸ˜‰

  2. Ma frustreaza sa scriu in engleza pe un blog al unui om cu care vorbesc romana. ca atare n-am s-o fac.

    Multumesc pentru interesul fata de IAA Young Pro si sper sa facem impreuna lucruri si acolo asa cum facem in organizatia “mare”

    Tot scriind la voi e posibil sa mi fac propriul blog:)

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