IAA says no to Yahoo! and Google partnership

This is the first major online news that involves IAA. If you don’t know (yet), IAA is the International Advertising Association, a “one-of-a-kind global network” with more than 4,000 members, 56 chapters, 76 countries. IAA’s members are top players from the marcomm industry and that’s why this press release is important.

IAA (as a platform for industry issues) is dedicated to consumer choice, responsible advertising, protecting and advancing freedom of commercial speech.

The press release:

IAA opposes Google–Yahoo! tie-up.

Expresses views to the US Department of Justice

New York, NY, September 24th, 2008 – The International Advertising Association (IAA) announced today that it had communicated with the US Department of Justice in August stating concerns that might arise from a proposed Google/Yahoo! business arrangement and supporting their examination of the matter.

Michael Lee, IAA, Executive Director stated “We don’t know all the specifics of the transaction. However, concerns revolve around the ultimate probability of less competition, an increased pricing landscape, and the fear that such a monopoly could impact innovation. In principle and in practice, monopolistic media control and pricing has not been good for the industry.”

The IAA has also noted that other high profile well respected trade associations representative of virtually every sector of the advertising and communications industry have stated a similar point of view.

While the current transaction refers to the US and Canada only; it is being closely watched in international markets. The IAA will continue to monitor the situation and may conduct a global research study of the issues.

E-mail: michael.lee@iaaglobal.org

In Romania, IAA also supports the Internet Industry (although very few people know this). Romanian IAA HOUSE is the place where SATI started for the first time and the place where all SATI’s meetings took place.