Business NLP – Nested Loops

I met yesterday with my favorite group of trainers (Bogdan Grigore managed in the last 12 months to get together a genuine and very sharp social network) – the idea is to see each other on regular basis experimenting training ideas, techniques and various exercises. Usually there are guest speakers and yesterday we had Daniel Bichis (master trainer NLP) talking about nested loops (I hear that Richard Bandler and John La Valle have a whole training built on this technique).

If you’re doing therapeutic work this technique will allow your patient lose the conscious mind by closing its channels and render the unconscious mind more suggestible.

A great conversational tool proper for therapy, anchoring, trainings and so on. Now, at the end of the day I have a certain dilemma somehow related to the subject: although being an NLP practitioner pays really good (I have friends that discard from ~2.500 EUR to 10.000 EUR for a single course), I still can’t understand how come all the personal websites of the greatest trainers seem to be from the Stone Age – here is an example (90’s design).