Blogvertising and something I care about…

This is regarding my NGO involvement in the last 10 years:

On the last Netoo meeting I offered one of the NGO I founded to support the group (as in logistics, headquarters, know-how). NGO means non-governmental and non-profit. At this suggestion, Dragos Novac and Varabiescu asked me ironically: “what’s in it for you?”… of course I was offended…

So this post is dedicated to all the volunteer work I did in the last decade: to all the students we trained, to all the children that we tried to bring a smile, to the thousands of youngsters we helped find a job, to all the projects we developed and all the long nights spend trying to change systems… in life not everything is about making money.

I still support ASLS, ASPSE, OSE, ANOSR, USR, GIPIR, INTERMEDIU or VIP in their projects and I strongly think that the business environment should strongly support the NGOs – I care about the Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and I hate to see ignorant people talk about “how to make some money”.

Probably to Novac and Varabiescu “volunteer” is synonym to “sucker” and because many of the bloggers do volunteer writing, the “blogvertising” initiative is not so honest as it seemed to be the first time. Rest assured that the serious bloggers will not write about some new product just because an agency has a budget for this…

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  1. you’re making (wrong) assumptions and most likely you didnot get the sense or the tone of that specific question or, to a larger extent, to the direction of the discussion. you came way too abrupt if you ask me and we all know that there’s no lunch for free. hope that it’s clearer now.

  2. Will any of you do anything for the 10 blogs that write real content in Romania ? Or not ?

    It doesn’t matter if it’s 100 Euro or 500 Euro for each blogger. Just do something. Stop arguing who’s the hottest or the coolest, or who’s gonna’ help more.

  3. Let me be mean again:

    or try
    Hotnews, Blogsport, Evz… and all the other corporate news blogs (most visited, I think).

    The term \”real content in Romania\” has it\’s own complexity – for example I think that Manafu or Vivi can provide intelligence in the field and I know many managers subscribed to their feeds. On the other hand, Zoso (although everybody is making a fuzz about) is just entertainment and I see no perspectives – for example Novac\’s Metropotam is what Zoso should do with his blog.

    Btw, Novac, I\’ll take you out for a lunch when you have some free time.

    Cristian, I wonder what Jeremy told you about the top10…

  4. So, real content means when a blogg is written by someone who is a part of media/advertising stuff. Don’t you think is a little bit a spooky assumption? How many unics has Novac? And Zoso? How many unics from novac would click on a commercial displayed on his blogg? None, I think.

  5. No! That\’s not what I\’ve said.
    Every blog has its own target and readers. A blog about children will have women in the target so you can send direct hit ads. Novac or Manfu have readers from the media/advertising so this is another area to target if interested.

    Arhiduke, I\’ve learnt one thing while working on Internet advertising: the return of investment (no. of clicks) is determined by the nature of the website (the category), the nature of the visitors (geographical area/demographic profile) and the nature of the ad you serve. This means a proper ad targeted on Novacs readers can became a hit over night.

    But on blogs, not the graphical or text ads are important but the posts. The best way to convince your readers is to blog about a product or a service – paid posts on blogs will bring money in the near future but only the famous will cash the checks – the others will say \”Via… X … a very cool gadget he received from a friend…\” 😉

  6. Bonjour,

    Je ne comprends pas ce que tu veux dire. Merci de traduire tes messages même en langue française !
    Merci en avance !

  7. Sorry dude, but I’d be skeptical when it comes to tying a whole idea to an outside NGO. It may be a selfless act, but I’ve seen too many people change and demand some sort of payment for their volunteer work.

    I’m starting to get tired of the whole “media/advertising” category. Let’s face it, the online advertising in Romania is crap in it’s purest forms (let me guide you to and take a look at the ads used there) and there are only a handful of companies and a seemingly never ending exchange of employees. And I can’t say I’m impressed with the TV ads or radio ads or banners.

    So friggin’ what if Vivi seems to have a targeted audience? He’s a Flash ActionScript expert, but I don’t read his blog because I’ll learn Flash wizardry. Or Dragos Novac. The only thing that might separate them from Zoso is probably the average age of the readers and they monthly income, if any. That’s it.

    Ever wondered why bloggers from the US have such a big income from advertising? It’s because of AdSense: you get automatically targeted ads, you get one of the best pay-per-click rates out there and the fact that Google is a well-respected company. THAT’s how you get a couple of hundred dollars per month.

    Trying to create targeted ads based on the blog profile means you have a blog that covers a single subject and has few posts outside that subject. Usually this means it’s a really boring blog.

    As for paid blogs, usually they fall right in their face after it’s discovered they get money to write that. Actually, thinking a little bit more about what you said I realize you have no clue about what being a blogger really is: having your own ideas and your own opinions. It’s not about promoting product X because I get money for this, it’s about enjoying the product.

  8. Andrei, I share your ideas about advertising on blogs: the romanian bloggers can/already use Google AdSense, Neogen Ads or ARBOcontext.

    Why the fuzz you ask?
    Because Varabiescu wanted a blog network in order to sell the ads (visual ads mainly) to the big advertisers (there are some clients already interested). As you probably know, AdSense uses text ads and is not very popular in Romania.

  9. Pour Jean : si vous êtes interese en trouver plus à ce sujet, nous pouvez parler en français au-dessus de l’E-mail. Je suis désolé que je ne peux pas écrire mon blog en français – peut-être dans un avenir proche…

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