BBC banned in Russia

Russia’s strained relations with Britain have deteriorated further, with the authorities in Moscow stopping local transmission of the BBC Russian Service from today.

In an echo of the Cold War, when BBC broadcasts were jammed by the Soviet Union, the FM broadcast station in Moscow said that it was taking off air all BBC Russian Service transmissions. Most Muscovites who listen to the six hours of daily BBC programmes tune in on the FM signal.

The move, by Russia’s Federal Service for the Supervision of Mass Media, Communication and Protection of Cultural Heritage, was seen as the latest punitive action by Moscow in the row that broke out between Britain and Russia over the murder in November of Alexander Litvinenko, the former KGB officer who has poisoned with the radioactive isotope polonium-210. | Times

Of course, the murder in November of Alexander Litvinenko is just a cover. They were not promoting Putin in a healthy way over there:

Of course, the anti-BBC propaganda has other sides also (see it before it gets banned):

I guess is tough for a brit to do business in Russia this year