ASLS – first NGO with pay per acces website

ASLS is the first Romanian NGO to promote and to use the new technologies. That is probably why, today is ranked no.1 in .

Few people know, that the website is one of the first paid per access service – every autumn, around 1.000 members pay 3 euros in order to have access to a private section of the website where they find useful info about school, career and so on. There is also a feature that allows the members to receive important notifications over the SMS.

Sustaining the concept is a small team of volunteers that also run a call center for the members. Till now, we had great results and a very good feedback from the users – this is the fourth year of activity and all this time was quite an experience. The main purpose of the website is to provide great PR for ASLS and also to be a good info center. For me is a very good research zone because some of the features can be implemented on a bigger scale.

Another interesting fact is that the organization is probably also the first NGO in Romania to use an AD SERVER – ARBOmedia provides the BB platform and probably ASLS will have a new and interesting approach for the sponsors.