US elections coming up

Bill Maher’s REAL TIME – The first guest was Michael Moore, who gave his first interview in 2 years to Maher to promote his upcoming movie Sicko. Moore also snuck in an endorsement for Gore as the Democratic presidential nominee.

Senator Fred Thompson addresses the Michael Moore Federal investigation. You might think that the expression regarding his “buddy, Castro” was just a figure of speech. It’s not. Michael Moore’s left wing propaganda brings up memories from the Cold War – recent history tells us that the European and American left wing politicians were heavily financed by the KGB.

Since we live the modern times, maybe we should remember some of the old slogans promoted by the new wave of propaganda and conspiracy:
– the US presidents are liars;
– the US troops are killing innocent people in Irak;
– the US corporations are causing the global warming;
– the US corporations are exploiting the hard working Americans;
– etc.