Shift happens – globalisation and media

I decided to post a few movies for the weekend – sometimes we all like to imagine the future and Dorin Boerescu just reminded me that Shift happens (presentation made from the original movie by Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod):

Via Dorin, via Godmother (the movie was presented at Cannes), original version here /the official update here.

The second (but short) movie is about THE FUTURE OF TRAVEL, the automotive industry and mass urban transportation (includes teleportation over the Internet 🙂 ) – please keep in mind the SF background of the teller:

More interesting, Michio Kaku (theoretical physicist) speculates on the future of civilization: the classification of alien civilizations, our capacity to invent the warp engine in 100 years, the European Union, NAFTA and the global economy, English becoming a “type 1” language, the planetary culture, the Internet and the forces of integration and tolerance are all in here:

In the end, the media scape in 2015 – this is the new version of the successful original 2014 Epic, always fun to watch and a very nice Internet fiction (see also Prometeus – Media Revolution). The “Evolving Personalized Information Construct” is happening right now but some ideas in the movies are too emotional (I blame the very good copyrighters) to capture the economic and strategic value of traditional media and content (I really don’t see The New York Times either going offline or closing 🙂 ).

Also interesting to explore:

Google Earth in 2020

Google master plan (ORIGINAL) – Animago Award 2007 Nomination

Sony’s 2.5 wide x 0.01 inch thick electronic paper video screen

Globalisation and media

Digital Etnography at the Kansas State University

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised – Gil Scott Heron: