Scientific research showed that women are more attracted to a man if other women like him too

“We tend to think about things like attraction as reflecting a private decision or a personal choice, but our work shows that people’s attractiveness judgments can be influenced in pronounced ways by what other people appear to think of those individuals,” said University of Aberdeen psychologist Ben Jones.

Te psycho-sociological test presented pictures and videos of males alone and of males being glanced by other women. Ben Jones noticed that a man is more attractive when another woman is checking him out. The funny thing is that when the same test was carried on with males, the results were quite the opposite: those males that received the approving female glances were less appealing and Jones explained that “this shows that people are using cues to the attitudes of others toward individuals to shape their own attractiveness judgments of those individuals.”

So guys, you now know an important tip in order to become more desired.
My personal tip: “wear a funny hat”.