Romanian online advertising market – December 2007 updates

iMedia – returning home:
– Eva, Bumerang, Cinemagia, Automarket, BizCity etc. developed by iMedia (part of NCH) will be represented by Boom. Eva is very often sold out;
– they bought from Mircea and implemented it into;

ARBOmedia – free fall:

– they lost the niche TV stations they were representing (poor sales);
– still loosing people from the online dept.;
– things don’t look good for 2008;

AdEvolution – losing blood:
– losing the websites developed by iMedia (see above) – 15%-20% of their online income;
– still serving corporate ads among naked women;

MPI – focusing on content:
– relaunched,,;
– bought;
– launch,;
– to follow in 2008: their focus on sales/the relationship with AdEvolution;

Boom – life is great:
– party and team building last weekend;
– no.1 in online sales – the investments made in the last 2 years are showing the first results;
– more than 90% of their network is sold out (very hard to find ad spaces in December);
– still improving their portfolio (already rule Teen-Youth/Women segments);
– still working on the ad server;

Neogen – spending money:
– the outdoor campaign not returning proper results (the offline has different rules);
– some employees have no idea about their own products;
– they lost the fight with Google AdSense;
– interesting approach for blogging;

Splendid – learning
– how to use the adserver;
– how to implement the IAB standards;

Realitatea Catavencu (,,,, 24fun,, etc) & Sanoma Hearst Romania (,,,, – start their own online sales dept. Won’t be easy 🙂

Google – ok:
– the biggest contextual network;
started to serve “enlarge your penis” ads (worrying);
– many local online shops started to invest their budgets in AdWords;
– more personalized services for Romania;
– still not answering my e-mails;

It seems that Google & Yahoo will spice things up in 2008. We’ll see.