Romanian Internet advertising – new boiling point this March

– facing serious pressures due to their Hi5 deal (their target is very hard to achieve in a market where the term “social networking” is not very convincing for planners);
– after signing the deal with Hi5 they had some serious issues in the market: Google AdSense is still implemented on Hi5 and offers better CPC deals;
– they signed a new deal with Slovak company Etarget for contextual advertising and maybe hoping to replace AdSense with ETARGET in order to limit their primary loses;
ARBOcontext is dead.
– although things are not looking good, Calin is still in great shape and maybe his positive attitude will take Arbo back on the right track. I wish ’em good luck!

HyperActive – new full service interactive agency
Alex Visa and Dorin Boerescu decided to launch HyperActive and plan 800.000 EUR deals in 2008. That’s a healthy target and I hope to see it happen!

Ironic or not, Alex Visa was the man to set up ARBOmedia’s interactive division in 2001 and the one who did their first sale.

– they seem to have second thoughts about the contextual partnership signed with ETARGET;
– many of their websites also use Google AdSense and this means they lose some precious bucks;
– they test their own contextual service (Gabi reveals a sneak preview);

Ironic or not, the team working at Boom were the ones to develop ARBOcontext. Their experience will probably help them create a better product, suitable for the 2008 market.

GOOGLE Romania
– their growth was so discreet and innocent so that all the players seemed to be asleep in 2007; after their first million drawn from the websites contracted by the main advertising players, questions began to pop; running AdSense on almost 400 websites (from top 1000) seemed to be a good start for Google;
– for the first time their position is threatened due to the contracts the sales agencies have with the publishers; the in-house contextual tools could replace Google AdSense and I wonder how Google will react to this.

Ironic or not, because the sales agencies focused only on CPM budgets, the advertising agencies started to skip their services and buy directly from Google although Google was running their scripts on websites already contracted by the sales agencies.

AdEvolution – Eastrolog, Feminis and their boiling point
– a new scandal erupted this week when Marius Pahomi wrote a post about Val Voicu and his new project targeted on women; the main issue is related to the audience both projects share;
– the subject started to boil last December but everyone kept cool until now (there were other parties interested in this matter);
this is a very interesting subject to follow; there are reactions predicting new vulnerabilities in some interactive companies.

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  1. Hello Bogdan,

    Nicely put, however too many news in one article which makes it kind’o difficult to follow.

    I was wondering though, why is it “Ironic or not” … the fact that I have opened ARBOmedia’s interactive division in 2001 … ?

  2. Hello Alex,

    My thought was that ARBOmedia lost its focus in the last months. The irony (pure Hollywood 🙂 ) is that first you manage to create the online dept. and after a few years you are on the other side with a Google adWords certificate while ARBOmedia faces several contextual challenges 🙂

    Ironic or not… 🙂

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