Romanian Internet Advertising Market Updates In Q2

BRAT released yesterday the first SATI demographic results in a public launch at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Bucharest. A good moment to see my colleagues from the online industry. Congratulations to Arina and Adrian for all their efforts (I know both of them had some long evenings at BRAT).

The results are more than interesting, offering tons of surprises but this is nor the time or the place to comment them. I’m more than sure that this will change the way my fellow planners used to plan the online campaigns. I’m sure that this data will influence a lot the budgets for 2009 but also the way some people used to see the Internet.

Boom – Netbridge released the advertising figures for the second quarter (and forcing others to react). They released the figures on the 1st of July (same day with SATI results release) and this means that this was planned and they had several days to prepare the report.

If Q1 2008 presented 1.696.089,60 Eur, in Q2 they reached 1.864.799,67 Eur. For the first half of 2008, Boom planned campaigns worth 3.560.889,27 Eur – details here (english)…

AdEvolution – they say they run 482 campaigns on 140 websites in the first 6 months of 2008 meaning 2,3 million Eur (net).

Pentru a nu creea confuzie in piata legat de spending-ul pe domeniile locale de activitate, AdEvolution sustine studiul IAB care va include si date exacte despre cat se cheltuieste, defalcat pe domenii.

My guess is that this figure made in a hurry in order to have a response for the market. I also have reasons to believe this is not… final. Details here…

ARBOmedia has a negative record – 1 year without a blog post so they seem to be underground. Of course, ARBOinteractive has good news and bad news (although everything is off the record):

– proved to be a hard bull to master and the figures don’t look good;

– they prepare a new website but things are going quite slowly (same situation at Boom but they are busy selling stuff);

– the best news is regarding their ad server (BB elements new version): not only the software upgrade but also the hardware will improve and move outside Romania (solving a peering problem and several accessibility issues);

– almost all of their top websites hired internal sales teams and this should worry Calin Rotarus;

– they started use Google Adwords in order to promote ARBOcontext – what’s up with that?

– they launched LogicSearch – Search Machine Marketing and ADKing – Interactive Surround – not yet in Romania;

– I don’t think this is something to worry you but they relocated their headquarters from the center (I don’t think It’s a cash problem) to Iuliu Maniu (APACA) – I can only wonder who owns that office building 🙂

Realitatea Catavencu, after splitting with AdEvolution (you can still see their active leaderboard codes) started to visit the local agencies in order to try direct sales. Some packages include a mix between Internet, TV and print and Dragos Stanca was talking yesterday about their new strategy and approach oriented more on target and less on the medium.

MediaPro Interactive is doing fine, you have no reasons to worry since Orlando took a 2 weeks vacation earlier last month. They seem to have a strong focus on product development and quite a different approach comparing to Realitatea Catavencu. Maybe that’s why his figures look better (just a feeling, Orlando won’t tell me a thing).

Internet Corp is adjusting to their new leadership with Liviu Dumitrascu (new job as publisher), Mihai Seceleanu and Dani Tatar, aiming 13-16% of the Romanian Internet Advertising market. I saw Mihai having fun yesterday when discovering the first SATI demographics.

And in the end, the cherry on the cake (exclusive news): is now active since they’re working around the clock for the first launch this autumn. The star of the new local website is – It seems that we should prepare for personalised emails. Google is not very happy since they think a strong campaign for Gmail in the next months.

If you want to chat more about the Romanian Internet market, I hope to meet you this weekend in Bulgaria where I’m attending Claudiu Gamulescu’s e-Academy (the CEO of Httpool convinced me to go and test Claudiu’s ability in mastering Bulgarian language 🙂 ). If you decide to come you should bring your laptops because someone emailed me today and told me they prepared a surprise (some kind of interactive game) 😉