Romanian Internet Advertising Market – January 2008 update

– the Romanian currency (RON) was seriously affected this month;
– the rate-cards are still in RON and there are no plans to return to EUR again;
– only Boom has a sales plan to cover the loses;
– some publishers are loosing money due to currency variations;

Reach – IWS Update:
– 7,000,000 Internet users as of Sept/07, 31.4% penetration, per ITU.
– 1,769,300 Internet broadband connections as of Sept/07, per ITU, 7.9% p.r.

eMag (the biggest online shop):
– 77 mil euro sales in 2007;
– 150 mil euro sales target in 2008;
– more money for online promotions in 2008;

Yahoo! in Romania:
– 142 pageviews/user;
– 8.685.057 “Unique Browsers”;
– incredible banner blindness 😉

– a tone of questionable second-hand websites in their portfolio (very funny example: Crap – Mens’ Lifestyle 🙂 );
– Liviu Hahaianu left Val to take care of jobAvantaj (their jobbing portal with thousands of Euro waisted in vain);
– financial issues with the publishers/suppliers;

– in slow and painful death (negotiating deals with other agencies);
– only a miracle will help this agency survive in 2008.

Google Romania:
– after naming its country consultant, on the 15th of January Google Bucharest SRL appeared as an official company with 5 stakeholders;
– still don’t answer their e-mails and have a really poor client service (of course, it’s only the beginning);

– focusing on large budgets/sales after acquiring a large portfolio;
– new sales strategy for 2008 (since they seem to be very determined and responsive to the latest changes);
– solved their ad server issues;

– the online dept. becomes ARBOinteractive and they learn a little Polish (Romanian ARBOmedia is really going downhill);
– great interest in selling – famous in Romania for prostitution and “dangerous content”;
– they came up with a very complicated excel (offer) for 2008 (very hard to follow and order);
– this week they have “trainings” with agency planners + trip in the mountains.