Quick ones from the industry

IAA Excellence Awards + the biggest marcomm party in Romania – tonight Becker Brau Live Music. Hope to meet you guys there.

Ramona was seeding virals this afternoon. Since I love Joe, here’s a link for their new special project (1st of April).

YP and our plans for students explained here.

If you have a nice website with a growing audience, I’m buying and financing (I’m also interested in partnerships).

Neogen more popular than Yahoo in Bulgaria.

Saptamana Financiara has a new layout (Gamulescu behind the scenes).

ADC*RO has its first students.

Cosmote moves to MindShare Media (GroupM / WPP).

Olimpiadele comunicarii – coming up.

Yahoo is focusing on their e-mail ads. They started to do… stuff 🙂

CareerBuilder is here (I gave you a clue here) – they already have a person for Romania.

4/5 planners seem to care about Feminis (have a strong opinion on the matter).

Val Voicu told me Feminis was a great viral project.

4/5 planners have complaints when working with ARBOmedia.

I’m very busy these weeks.
The sun is shining over Romania 😉