Please increase the salaries at D&D Research

LATER EDIT: Dan Petre is a great teacher after all and really oriented towards my advertising needs

This autumn I signed up for a master’s degree in advertising, marketing and other political studies… so I had to schedule all my late afternoon meetings for this year.
My admission paper was called “The Romanian online advertising market: analysis, players, evolutions” and I had inside really hot stuff (the Insites demographic study, facts on all the players, behind the scene and so on). Although I emphasised on the advanced targeting and on why the Internet should receive more bugets (redirected from TV), the professors at the interview told me quite clear that “there was something fishy about me because I knew too much”.
Although they are teaching advertising, they are so in the Jurassic era. But there is hope – one thing they reacted to were the Internet election campaigns and the advanced targeting that will allow a politician to have a certain message in a certain area of the country.

Why am I writing this post? Because one of the teachers, Dan Petre, is the Managing Partner at D&D Research and today came for the first class. His first news was bad news: because of his busy schedule at D&D Research and because of his on going projects, he is unable to come to all the classes. He also mentioned how demanding this field is and how touched our lives will be after meeting him. I was annoyed by the situation: man, why come teach an MA class if you’re too busy to teach?

Like, in a middle of a contract at D&D Research does this guy have the same attitude towards the clients? On the other hand, maybe at D&D Research they pay poor salaries and Dan Petre felt the need to take up an academic job in order to increase his personal incomes. So I guess it’s obvious I’m not happy.

But guess what? D&D Research has a corporate blog and I get the feeling that they’ll hear from me again.