news flash – internet advertising (updated)

– Neogen – no longer represented by MPI;
– BRAT meeting at 11:00 – some people expect blood;
– Doru Panaitescu started to promote Mirabilis (ex ARBO) in direct sales;
– Google Bucharest SRL more active;
– Limelight Networks exploring .ro;
– ARBO no longer (never was) exclusive seller for – see Google Romania;
– Cristofor Iosub (Ogilvy Romania) moves to Switzerland;
– one new investment fund interested in acquisitions;
– the day is young 🙂

– interesting meeting at BRAT: ugly logo, spendures, voting and a big and serious problem with the study – only 15.000 forms completed;
– Orlando decided to quit his job at BRAT;
– meeting and greeting Calin – doesn’t hate me after all 🙂 – he asked for a social networking section in SATI – probably there are plans for Hi5 to enter SATI;
ClubAfaceri decided to raise the standards in Romanian Internet (I’m having dinner with them tonight); very good for them, others will follow;
– we negotiate our first acquisition in 2008 (lifestyle website) – hope to have it soon.
– the evening is young 🙂

– tonight there was another informal dinner with some of the most influential people of the Romanian Internet business (and a local guru – let’s call him M.S.);
– important feedback after BRAT meeting: the industry is dominated by men – we don’t have any women in the new board although there were 2 candidates 🙂
– I had a live debate about Hi5 with Gabi (Boom) and Tavi (ARBO) – Tavi is one of the brains of Hi5 in Romania;
– Hi5 seems to have a very clever approach and ARBOInteractive has a clear target. Quite a complex issue but the packages will be very attractive and maybe will exploit the viral potential of the social networking;
– there are rumors about Vlad Stan and his new job;
– ClubAfaceri getting out of + their new business model aim for a positive impact for the project as they target both direct clients and better agency sales;
– Mirabilis has daring plans and a really high sales target for 2008 but they have one of the best consultants in the market to take care of the new development;
– the night is young.