NATO Summit – local viral campaigns

The NATO Summit in Bucharest turned everybody on and we had the chance to see many interesting campaigns coming to life. Monitoring viral campaigns is not a thing I do only daily basis but I didn’t expected that the Internet would be so exploited.

This week had the most viral campaigns (very interesting to follow the media mix):

– 1 anti-NATO campaign (BTL component, poor viral planning, very good reach);

– 1 anti-governmental subversive campaign (social, NATO related) – very good reach (planned and executed in Romania, good media mix, very good results) – probably the best viral campaign this year;

– 1 anti-corporate campaign (TELECOM, NATO related) – good viral seeding (poor overall planning);

– 1 anti-corporate campaign (FMCG, pure commercial) – good viral seeding (local planning, very good media mix);

– 2 anti-U.S. campaigns (poor planning, poor execution, BTL + viral, 1 with a very good insight);

And the week is not over yet 🙂