Mircea Geoana – strong tip for the blog :)

Since I found out who manages this blog (btw, great work), I just wanted to chip in with a tip: please change the picture – the non-verbal aspects are very important for a candidate so the picture you have right now is a serious disadvantage.

Here is a little sketch I’ve made in order to better emphasize on the matter:
Mircea Geoana

I know that Geoana has a good staff working for him so probably this happened because the blog had a deadline.
I wonder if Iulian shares my point of view 🙂

If so, I also think that something has to be done here.

On the other hand, if we take a look at Traian Basescu, we notice that the photos were made in the studio. The shirt is an interesting choice, I see that the president has no tie and he even seems that he’s waiting (probably for the vote on the 19th). They also took care of the forehead (in the header image) and the wedding ring is visible. You can also notice him leaning in front so little that you can easily see his ear (listening?) and he has his mouth shut. Comparing to Geoana, he has no microphone blocking him so there are some details that seem to be important… but don’t mind me, I’m just blogging 🙂

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