MINI. Two Untamed. MINI Coupé Concept. MINI Roadster Concept.

Yesterday I was thinking to upgrade my MINI and that I really like the new Coupé Concept. Yeap, MINI is a fun car, I remember that last summer it used to give me a big smile while driving home after a long day at work. Now the traffic in Bucharest is heavy during the day but MINI can be fun in all traffic conditions.

The only thing that is bothering me that they started to advertise in Romania and I’m afraid they’ll attract the same buyers as they did with BMW (but then again, I’m not judging). And speaking of campaigns, BMW Romania had one Internet campaign this year promoting a new MINI (a boring 55Kw and 75HP version). Probably very poor results since they had no ideea where the MINI fans surf online 🙂

A few weeks ago, I went with my car in service and had the chance to talk about MINIs with an enthusiast at Automobile Bavaria (largest BMW dealer in Romania). He told me that the BMW sales in Romania went down with the financial crises buy MINI is doing great. The favourite model for the local market is MINI Cooper S and the 55Kw version was not very attractive for Romanian buyers. Who’s buying a MINI in Romania: people in their 30’s as they primary city car and 40+, married men, as their second car (first car is a family saloon).

The good news for MINI fans: the twins made their debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show tonight.

Two Untamed: Final chapter. So much for secrets. The untamed twins want to show you everything and so does MINI. right here, right now. IAA & MINI Space debut:

And a bonus: Mini Cooper Car Wraps by TCH .

I’m eager to see them in Romania and I’m almost sure I’m going to test them. They made them lighter so the cars should be quite fast 🙂