Media buying: TV going downhill…

A “major restructuring” at Publicis – Zenith Restructures Video Buying (close attention for the term “Video Buying”) and they will “oversee the integration of all video-based media buying operations, consolidating traditional broadcast and cable buying departments, with video buying duties for emerging platforms such as online video.

Zenith’s new approach, although similar to a strategy adopted (few years ago) by sister agencies Starcom/MediaVest, points out a new direction in video buying. The things in Romania are the other way around (TV rulz) and I discussed this same matter with a foreign friend over breakfast this week. His insight was that in Romania we still “don’t get it” with the potential of Internet advertising while TV spaces are overbooked.

I don’t know a single person in his right mind that keeps the TV on the same channel during a commercial brake (the magic remote kicks in)… then again, I can be wrong 🙂