Multimedia Intelligence: US Internet ad revenue expected to exceed US$120 billion by 2011

In the last weeks I talked with Romanian online players worried about the actual world economic crisis and if it’s going to impact the online advertising budgets in 2009. Probably not, since Romania still has a strong emerging market.  Still, this is a good moment to see some predictions and global trends – one interesting report is saying that US Internet ad revenue is expected to exceed US$120 billion by 2011 (according to MultiMedia Intelligence World Digital Media Trends 2008 report, released by SFN and the World Association of Newspapers).

Notes on the World Digital Media Trends 2008 report:

  • -search will account for the biggest part of U.S. online ad revenue by 2011;
  • -40 percent share for SEM – Google will become more powerful;
  • -display ads, classified and rich media combined: 50 percent.
  • -e-mail and sponsorship will lose their shares, making them only niche among all online ad revenue;
  • -It is expected to exceed $80 billion this year (2008).