Romanian Internet advertising, love, hate and rock ‘n’ roll

– they still hate me for publishing the link (and secret plans) to their new website (waiting launch); boring blog with vintage posts (they are trying to kill me with posts like “the history of IT&C“);

– 44 new websites in their portfolio:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,;

+ 3 other websites lifestyle/jobs they are keeping secret (don’t know why);

– they say they have 190 websites in their portfolio and 40-45% of the Romanian Internet advertising market;


– they still hate me for publishing my thoughts on hi5 (dangerous content) – they still don’t know about my presence in a TV show on national television talking about some… internal affairs; Calin still hates me because of this photo but I’m not worried since he hates almost everyone in my messenger list; Tavi also hates me and thinks I’m “low” but again I’m not worried since sometimes he gets “high” 🙂

– online planning training with the agencies – poor organization because they didn’t expect planners to come in such big number; over 1 hour delayed; some young members of the team still don’t have any idea about their job (or they have a certain fear when speaking in public) 🙁

– without a doubt, Calin is the most important and experienced person in the online department – if he gets sick or decides to leave (I’m not saying anything), ARBOinteractive will be out of order; the funny thing is that I still like him (although he hates me – see above) and I really hope that some day he’ll have the right job;

– 2nd red signal from agencies: they organized a trip in the mountains but they had quite a few empty rooms; maybe it’s just me but I have the feeling that many people in the agencies avoid working with them mainly because of so many new guys in such a short notice; another sad thing is that 2 of the employees already updated their CVs on a jobbing website so I’m thinking they are not there to stay… or to sacrifice working after hours 🙂

– in their portfolio (CAPITAL says exclusive representation); they invested quite a lot in promoting this website and we’ll just have to see if it was money well spent;


– they might hate me but I have no idea why (I have this effect on people);

Realitatea Catavencu (one of Romania’s largest media groups) signed a new contract with them – I would stress the fact that this is a partnership (as Sorel Radu said) and Realitatea will still have a focus on sales; websites migrated from Boom;

– they say they have 148 websites in their portfolio and 35% of the Romanian Internet advertising market;


– Orlando hates me because he thinks I write only positive posts about Boom… well, people hate me for all kind of weird reasons so I got used to it;

– became no.1 in – they still know how to exploit the PR potential has; I’m glad that finally a cultural/educational website became no.1 in Romania and above football/tabloids;

– here are some statistics that made me think (available in their portfolio): education – university degree (56%); age 20-35 yrs. (69%), 36-45 (16%), gender F (48%), M (52%); 51% married; 32% work in IT&C; 30% in FMCG); 9% in Administration and 18% in finance/banking (18%); hmmm? Really weird audience – I bet 57% want to purchase a motorcycle this year 🙂

– they say they have 38 websites in their portfolio (news and lifestyle) – click here to download rate-card;

– although they pay and have the BRAT audit, they still use as reference (here is something to think about – for some PR guys at the 2nd floor 😉 );

Conclusion: I always thought I was a lovable person. I was wrong. If a blog can be a good idea for personal branding, my blog is a good example about how “not to do this” 🙂

Definiton: Hate is a term for the MMORPG internal measure of how much a non-playing character (NPC) wants to target a playing character (PC). The game keeps track of several quantities in calculating hate | more on wikipedia

Game on!