History in the making – demographical targeting

Boom announced a few days ago a new premiere for their ad server regarding demographical targeting.

The system is based on cookies and profiles provided by Belgian company InSites and the advertising is served by the new and improved Softure ad server. My sources told me that the investment in the new Softure software was huge and there is a special team at Boom developing the product and introducing new features almost every semester. The results are quite amazing (I have 2 Softure accounts and 2 bbmedia accounts and as a publisher I must say that this is probably the most efficient ad server software running on Romanian websites to serve such a big network).

The competitive advantage Softure has is the local team developing the product (other solutions on the market are either rented, bought or under slow development) and I remember at least two times last year when they listened to my suggestions and publisher needs and implemented new features.

Since people started to call me after a press release yesterday in MEDIAFAX and today’s article in Media&Advertising, I’m happy to announce that it’s true: the first targeted campaign based demographical data profiles will target young professionals and due to a special partnership we have with Boom, JOBfest 2008 will be the first event to run a web 3.0 🙂 campaign.

I remember a long time ago having a talk with two seniors, Dan Petre and Sorin Tudor about the future of advertising: in the ideal world, ads will be served to every individual according to his needs and socio-demographic profile. That time has come – now, it’s history in the making!

PS: I don’t work for Boom, they are just too damn good. True.

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