Energy FM vs. Oxygen FM – new radio station

Mihai Morar and Daniel Buzdugan will launch a new radio station this month and I’m one of the guys involved in the project.

The thing is that we plan to launch the radio station in record time and for the first time, the whole development is stuck 🙂 because of the naming! Mihai Morar wants to see Energy FM while Daniel Buzdugan is convinced that Oxygen FM can be the best name :).

The last thing I wanted was a public debate 🙂 (I see Mihai went public on his blog) because now everybody is asking me about the radio and the press is just waiting to jump on the subject… and that’s not all 🙂 . Imagine that Mircea Badea, also involved in the movement, will probably come up with his own idea or at least will take one’s side and bring more cool arguments… 🙂

It’s all fun and games and I’m eager to see what the fans will have to say… 🙂

LATER EDIT: Tony is also blogging about this.

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  1. tot mai ok este Energy FM … asa cum au lasat ei .. la ce se rezuma radio da este ok numele .. dar daca era sa fie cu Energy FM din start trebuia sa fie axati numai pe muzica electronica …
    cu stima teo.

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