Easter – campaigns, TV, product placement, sales

Thoughts before easter:
– I managed to figure it out some planning tips for promoting a website on TV; we have a new campaign coming up in a few days;
– research insight: there are people watching/listening the TV news while surfing (in prime time 🙂 );
wines are finally taking of in Romania – huge effort just to place the word “wine” in media these days;
– I really love what this guy made with the bag-in-box wine – he’s on the right track if he wants to win a Dacia Sandero 🙂; my favourite guy is this one;
– I’m eager to see the wine sales figures after this easter;
– elections coming up; for the first time everyone rerouted parts of their budgets towards the online; I suggest special projects and online events – try to stay out of the leaderboard areas; this is just the rehearsal for this autumn; already there are 5 discreet agencies targeting bloggers, seeding viral content and monitoring forums/online news;
– True – Doru’s turbocharged Subaru can reach 100km/h at a blink of an eye. Maybe we should see a drag race with a Calibra?

See you after the holidays!

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  1. Stai sa imi pun 4×4 la loc sa ii arat lu’ Panaitescu cum merge treaba… :)) PS: for za record, just got 2 brand new transfer boxes for my 4×4 system!…

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