Branding Romania

Tonight at 22:20 on TVR – Garantat 100% – a talk-show about branding Romania.

Special guests:
Mihai Razvan Ungureanu – Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Aneta Bogdan – Managing Partner Brandient
Bogdan Naumovici – Regional Creation Manager at Leo Burnett
Lucian Georgescu – Managing Partner GAV Scholz&Friends Bucharest

The recorded show will be available here.

3 Replies to “Branding Romania”

  1. reffering to the “Branding Romania” spot: short but creative.
    is there any site offering for download this movie, or any mobie promoting romania, romanian culture, history, tradition and overall values?
    if yes please consider my email address for sending a link, or, informing me on the possibility of having such copy for promotion.
    nice info and glad to discover this blog.
    looking forward hearing/reading great news/comments in the future,

  2. As mention on a previous note, i believe it’ll be great to have such materials loaded into a sort of “data base”, available for view, preview, review and eventually with limited editing capabilities for presenting and promoting our romanian culture. just a thought, mentioning… branding romania.
    i believe, based on experience, that ‘we’ the pro’ from diferent industries can provide a good promotional pack to our romanian heritage.
    catch u later,

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