Boom vs. Google – contextual advertising ready to launch

I was blogging one month ago about Boom and their new contextual service. Gabi had a sneak preview on his blog.

A few weeks ago, in a meeting, they told me that they need 1-2 months to implement this service in all their network.

The new contextual ad server is Softure based and available at and the good news is that the server is up and running and ready to launch. Publishers already received the codes and my guess is that we’ll see the first contextual campaigns in a few days.

On the other hand I’m eager to see how this service will affect Google and their local contextual network. Radu Tudorache is no longer Romania Country Consultant at Google (he was hunted for General Manager – Residential Voice Services at Romtelecom) and many top websites will discard Google codes in order to replace them with agency-based contextual (it’s very important to note that every big publisher already has a contract with their agency regarding this type of advertising while Google has no means of controlling their network).

As we speak there are over 300 big websites running Google Adsense in Romania. Boom contextual will affect more than 1/3 of Google’s reach and if ARBOmedia and AdEvolution have similar behaviors, we might see Adsense only on YouTube, Google/Gmail and low traffic isolated websites.

Probably Google already thought this out and that is why they already planned some millions on Gmail online advertising (e-mailing is the no.1 web service in Romania and Yahoo has the biggest share – Google has very good services in this area and I must say that their e-mail solution is far more better than Yahoo’s – time will tell).

In the end, a rumor: some people say that Google plans to consolidate their position in Europe and plan to buy some contextual/banner networks. Romania is on their list 🙂

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  1. I’m not an expert, but please….intelitext is not actually contextual. If they’re gonna use only ads like that, I sincerely doubt that they will steal Google’s market.

  2. I have an account on their ad server and you should know that there are also 10 banner formats for this service, so there is more than intelitext 🙂

    We’re going to test all of them and I’ll come back with more details.

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