Bogdan Popescu, Digital Sales Manager at PRO TV

Last August I was blogging on PROTV / MediaPro Interactiv – plans for 2009 and their new Romanian online sales team.

Beginning with january 2009, Bogdan A. POPESCU is the Digital Sales Manager at PRO TV/CME group and although we haven’t seen any press release from PROTV, he will be managing the online sales for the Internet division (different from MPI).

This means that we have another player in this fragmented market as Orlando Nicoara (MediaPro Interactiv) will focus on other MediaPro products and also on some independent websites.

Bogdan Popescu, 28 years old, 82 kg, Cancer (born on the 14th of July), was recruited from PhoneValley S.A., Paris, France (operates as a subsidiary of Publicis Groupe SA), a mobile agency specialized in mobile marketing (SMS, MMS, WAP, banner ads on mobiles). He is fluent in several foreign languages and before starting his corporate life, worked as an economic counselor for the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Conservative, compassionate, motivated and perceptive, he is a discreet person, trustworthy and tactful. His executive abilities are considerable as he is persuasive and a good negotiator. Nevertheless, a very good story teller.

Bogdan Popescu is happily married and has a very young son.

Welcome in the industry and good luck in 2009!

PS: B, although we haven’t met yet, I’ve prepared a bottle of your favourite wine as a welcoming gift.