Bigger case reloaded – It’s going to be on the Internet

Catalin Tolontan warns in an interview about a new case similar to Bigger Group and their overnight bankruptcy.

Augustin Roman (General Manager at Gazeta Online) also has a post regarding this issue but in both cases, they don’t mention the identity of the companies involved.

I can tell you that the issue is related to the Romanian online industry and probably it’s about a big Internet player.

Although not related to the issues above, we should notice that Petrisor Obae also has a post describing how Boom (the biggest online sales agency in 2008) is now splitting in two. The interview with Cristian Petriceanu is very interesting – he says that they want to optimize the online revenues through several companies.

One thing is for sure: if a big player in the online advertising market faces big pr0blems, we can see heavy shifts of market and revenue  shares. My guess is that the next 60 days will be very demanding for local online companies.