Which one is the greatest brand in the world: SONY, CocaCola or NOKIA?

A. According to the GfK Roper Consulting Annual Worldwide Study:
1. Sony, 2. Coca-Cola, 3. Nokia, 4. Nestle, 5. Pepsi, 6. Colgate, 7. McDonald’s, 8. Nike, 9. BMW, 10. Samsung.

Also, Mercedes is no. 13 while Disney is no. 15. The brand power scores are based on consumer response regarding three key variables: “familiarity”, “really like”, and “advocacy.” According to the GfK, CocaCola lost the 1st place in 2007 and marks a decline for the American brands.

B. According to the Best Global Brands 2007 Report – Interbrands:
1. Coca Cola, 2. Microsoft, 3. IBM, 4. GE, 5. NOKIA, 6. Toyota, 7. Intel, 8. McDonald’s, 9. Disney, 10. Mercedes.

C. According to Google, the TOP10 most googled brands (June research) are:
1. NOKIA, 2. Toyota, 3. British Airways, 4. Krispy Krem, 5. Bank of England, 6. UPS, 7. Daewoo, 8. Prada, 9. Corvette, 10. Air France.

– CocaCola marks the beginning of a decline for the American brands together with Colgate, McDonald’s, Nike and Pepsi.
– NOKIA is the only brand present in the 3 tops
SONY Bravia and SONY Playstation really did their job.

Nokia warned Tuesday that up to 46 million batteries used in some of its cell phones could be faulty and pose a risk of overheating – this will affect the brand (maybe in a good way – after all, calling back 46 million batteries can be a great PR campaign)