ARBOmedia sales – 67,6 % discount for VIDEOstitial

ARBOmedia Romania imported from Poland the VIDEOstitial format and they started to prepare the sales for 2008. The VIDEOstitial was introduced in Poland in 2004 but this is also a sign that the Romanian online dept. will be closer to ARBOmedia Poland in the near future (maybe Calin Rotarus will have a new boss).

You might find very interesting the 270 000 RON offer with a 67,6%!!! discount available at 87 500 RON – of course, it’s a special offer for the holidays (probably there are some impulsive agencies out there, that cannot resist this offer and also get a free bottle opener or something like that).

Although the offer presents 3 million views, the VIDEOstitial is one of the most annoying and intrusive formats out there and there is a serious risk to stress 12,6% of the population with some kind of weird movie forcing sudden death 🙂